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On debian i like to do an apt-get install burp to get the startup scripts etc in the right place also adds a /etc/cron.d/burp file that has a line that needs to be uncommented
Building the latest version
Download the latest version of BURP
apt-get install libncurses5-dev make g++ librsync-dev libz-dev libssl-dev uthash-dev libyajl-dev
make && make install
some stuff the make install missed copy some files from the debian directory in the burp source

cp init /etc/init.d/burp
cp burp.default /etc/default/burp
edit burp default file to start up yes

list version etc burp -a l
status monitor client (burp -c /etc/burp/burp-server.conf -a s)
start a backup
add something like this to the client’s cron then restart cron
7,27,47 * * * * root [ -x /usr/sbin/burp ] && /usr/sbin/burp -a t >>/var/log/burp-client 2>&1

zfs health script

#! /bin/bash # # Calomel.org # https://calomel.org/zfs_health_check_script.html # FreeBSD 9.1 ZFS Health Check script # zfs_health.sh @ Version 0.15 # Check health of ZFS volumes and drives. On any faults send email. In FreeBSD # 10 there is supposed to be a ZFSd daemon to monitor the health of the ZFS # pools. For now,…Continue Reading

Zimbra Upgrades

Overview This is for an upgrade test Take a backup of the main server Do a restore to create a test server Before starting the test server remove network card this will server two purposes, stop conflicts with the main servers MAC and allow a boot up to change the IP and hostname so you…Continue Reading

Urbackup on SmartOS Zone

You will need to install these for base64 # pkgin install unzip 7zip automake gmake gcc47 Download and unzip patches # wget https://ssl.webpack.de/forums-static.urbackup.org/uploads/default/357/9c55bab6e62a6cd0.7z # 7z e 9c55bab6e62a6cd0.7z Download, unzip, patch, make, and install crypto stuff NOTE make sure you are inside cryptopp562 directory created below before running the patch. # mkdir cryptopp562 # cd cryptopp562/…Continue Reading

OpenELEC Japanese

This is how to get Japanese Fonts working in OpenELEC tested on version 5.0.0 Download a Unicode Font of your choice I usually use Arial Unicode or Sazanami Mincho and have put copies of these on my USB stick as sometimes they are hard to download from the INET Add it to or create the…Continue Reading

Changing exchange settings android

Changing exchange settings android This is using an Samsung S4 running Kitkat OS your device may be slightly different but you should still be able to follow along Start from your home screen and enter your email                 Click your settings button (bottom left of home button) then…Continue Reading

SmartOS Random Stuff

Adding and removing disks Add Disk Get disk info about vm # vmadm get UUID | json disks The below json example file will add a disk to a KVM and has an option to add it to any pool you wish very handy { “add_disks”: [ { “media”: “disk”, “model”: “virtio”, “size”: 100000, “boot”:…Continue Reading

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